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I'm listening to The Beatles on the BBC.
A good friend of mine in the US sent me 26 CDs containing every single known performance the boys gave at the Beeb.
Very early days.
As a matter of fact, some are so early that they are introduced as 'a group named The Beatles'.
They're doing lots of covers, some they went on to record, some have not been heard since these radio performances..
I must have been about 13 when they first started visiting the BBC.
Ah, George Harrison is singing Picture Of You, the Joe Brown hit.
He and Joe hadn't met yet, but they went on to be very close mates.
I met George at Joe's wedding.
Now Ringo just said he's 'been in the band for nine weeks'.
Found it hard to believe that Mr Starkey had not been already inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and finally made it this year, induction speech by Sir Paul.
Of course Ringo is in as a member of the most famous band of all time, but not indiviually.
A glaring oversight when you think about how much he's influenced almost every rock and roll drummer in the world.
Some of this BBC material has been officially released but most of what I have here has not.
The quality isn't always the best but it's all such a joy to hear.
A DJ named Monty Lister with a rather posh BBC voice just asked if the lads were all 'Liverpool types'.
Great stuff!

Going to see a very controversial stage production tonight.
Sounds fascinating, but I know so little about it upfront that I will hold off talking about it until afterwards.

I'll stop while Lennon is singing Take Good Care Of My Baby, backed by some very cool background harmonies by McCartney and Harrison.
They really had that American thing down, but it was their unique twist on everything they did that still has me and zillions of others listening today.
I absolutely cannot imagine growing up in a world without this wonderfully original soundtrack playing. ~


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