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Happy first day of summer!
Let's hope the weather acts accordingly.
Been in a bit of a state around here lately.
Have had a couple of workmen in at 8 every morning putting in a new bath and sink, etc.
Nice fellas.
A man and his young son.
Very mindful that I'm living here while this is going on.
Still very unsettling.
Especially at 4am, when I'm still awake, knowing they'll be here in a few hours.
It doesn't help to go to bed earlier.
I tried that the other night.
Went to bed at 2am - early for me - and woke up just a few hours later.
Seems my conditioned old brain won't switch off for more than a little while.
The bath is the easy bit.
They will be replacing a bunch of stuff in my kitchen soon too.
All long overdue but it makes my life quite a bit more stressful than normal.

The UK tour seems to be going very well.
Look for ads in the Mail and Telegraph at the very beginning of July.
Let us know if you see them.

Buy the new Paul Simon album!!!
Produced by PS and, as he states it, his 'old partner' Roy Halee.
It's pure musical literature.
I'll be back later to tell you a little story concerning Mr Halee and a couple of missed opportunities.
Gotta run. ~


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