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We landed sometime after 11pm, Icelandic time.
It was actually after midnight back in England.
By the time we gathered our bags and made it out to the transport du jour for the 45 minute journey to the hotel it was after midnight where we were.
The sun looked as tho it might have just been going down.
A deep blue dusk.
I tweeted a pic of the sky from the coach.
As we were going to our rooms the sun was pretty much shining again.
Did the rooms have blackout drapes or shades that could be pulled way down?
Hell, no!
My bedroom at home is middle of the night dark and stays that way until I get up.
I did what I could about sleeping in Reykjavik, but I wasn't very successful.
Some of that is just me.
I'm thankful I can function on very little sleep.
And by 'function' I mean do a two and a half hour show many hours after I've given up and put my feet on the floor..
Who gets out of bed knowing their job doesn't begin for another ten, maybe twelve hours?
Well, we do.
Especially if we expect to qualify for a slim chance of eating a little something.g
Some years ago I stayed a couple of nights at a bed and breakfast in Wales, while I was on tour.
The old farmer who owned the property had built small guest cabins and I was in one of them.
The heating was on a timer but never seemed to be on.
Before I left for the show on the second night there I enquired as to why my room was freezing cold when I was in it but there was some thermostatic evidence to support that it had been warmer when I was not.
The old Welshman's reply, as he stoked his pipe while sitting in front of the big stone fireplace in nis living room was 'That's because you keep unsociable hours,'
I'm afraid that is and always will be the general consensus.

Harpa, the venue in Rejkjavik, is gorgeous.
A really lovely concert hall only built seven years ago.
I had no idea what kind of presence Hook has in Iceland, having never been there in my entire touring life.
The place was packed to the fucking ceiling with people of all ages, just like other places we've been and travel to regularly.
I have to seriously love a country and it's people that kept the Hook thing going on their own until I could get there.
They were such a good audience.
Listening, singing, laughing, clapping, and eventually, got up and danced!
I'd say they and we covered everything.
Hard to say why this was my first trip to Iceland.
Most likely will not be the only trip.
Now, if they can just do something about the fucking curtains!!~


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