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Jeez, the last few days have flown by.
I said I was going to see a 'controversial' stage production on Saturday and I would report back about it.
It has taken me this long to find the time.
The play was An Audience With Jimmy Savile starring the comedian/impressionist Alistair McGowan as the 'scumbag' himself.
McGowan did an excellent job of portraying Savile, but I would have to guess that, unless you knew the story, you wouldn't have come away with much of a sense of what actually went on.
A few of the actors played multiple roles which was a little confusing.
There was an actress who played a character that was a composite of several of Savile's victims, based on interviews and testimony.
She was good but, once again, unless you knew the scope of Savile's crimes you might go away thinking there had been only one.
The script was written by an investigative journalist - sorry, his name escapes me at the moment - and covered, however briefly in this 90 minute, no intermission production, a lot of what was in the newspapers, but never really touched on trying to explain how and why this kind of thing could have happened.
The conclusion it draws, as did most people, was that quite a few knew, or at least could summize, that Savile was abusing his privileged status, doing all sorts of things he shouldn't have been doing and turned a blind eye to it because he was a great charity fund raiser and connected as far up the in the ranks of government as he could have possibly been.
I believe they said he helped raise 40 million pounds over the years.
The play was worth seeing because of the contemporary topic and because of the curiousity surrounding it.
There have been no photos released of McGowan in costume.
Probably a good idea as many folks probably bought tickets just to see what he would look like.
It was pretty impressive, I must say.
I have to admit that I really hadn't seen much of Savile over the years and didn't know his mannerisms or speech patterns, but I did watch a few clips after seeing the play.
McGowan, being a wonderful impressionist, had the guy down.
I never ran across the monster himself in all my visits to the BBC, Top Of The Pops, in particular.
There is a Hook clip of If Not You that was actually introduced by him, but it was a recorded intro and he wasn't in the studio with us.
You can always tell because the presenter is usually there with the act, onstage, in back of him or her.
The Savile intro is just him and then a cut away to the band.
I'm glad I got to see the play.
Just not sure it was as 'controversial' as everyone said it was, except for the fact that it comes not so long after the terrible discovery of the man and his horrorible activities.
One of those 'too soon?' things.
Not too soon, in my opinion, but perhaps a little too tempered to be as shocking as the events the play is based upon.

Lovely day today.
Will be out in it in about an hour.
If it's raining by then will I be surprised?
Not really.
But, would I take bets?
Uh uh. ~


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