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Purchased a new Pete Townshend compilation titled Truancy with a couple of new songs on it.
It was scheduled to be released today, the 29th, and I was expected to receive it today as well.
Woke up yesterday morning to an email from Amazon saying that my CD was 'out for delivery' and would be with me in a few hours.
Seeing that it was a Sunday I figured it was a mailing error.
I went out for a while and went I got home there was another email saying my package had been put thru my mail slot.
Again, I reckoned it was a mistakebut I took a look and, lo and be damned, there was my CD on the floor by my door.
On a Sunday!!!
I've never had that happen before.
It was guaranteed to be with me on the day of it's release but, here it was, the day before.
I didn't realize there were carriers out on Sundays.
So why didn't the email say it would be here on the 28th?
Very strange, if you ask me.
I'm finding it difficult to stay in touring shape, solely by walking every day and trying to eat right.
It's my stamina that needs the help, especially when the schedule gets like it did in NZ and will again, only more so, in Australia later this year.
So I joined a gym where I can use the treadmill, the stationary bike, maybe a cross trainer now and then, and a few light weights.
Not interested in a personal trainer or a workout routine.
Not looking to build big muscles (what would I do with them?) or any new relationships based on fitness.
Just want to know that my endurance levels and breathing are strong and my recovery time is short.
Today is the first day I will go and see what's what.
It's a but of a trek there and back so that will add to whatever I manage to do while I'm there.
I swear if I had exercise equipment at home I would hang clothes on it.
From past experience I know it has always been the physical act of having to get it together and go to the gym that motivated my work out.
Like "Well,, as long as I'm here..."
I'm hoping that's the case this time.
As you get older you can't take for granted that you can still do everything you always did.
I've said it before - If, at 66, you're still doing what you were doing at 26, you'll find out exactly where you need to make adjustments.
My adjustments begin today.
Ugh! ~


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