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I tweeted a few times today as we traveled from Perth to Dubai and on to London.
The line of tweety conversation ran from going home and how glad I was to be heading there to how absolutely horrible the weather was going to be when I arrived .
One after the other they came in, each one more dire than the last.
Torrential rain, heavy wind, traffic hold ups, potential chaos.
Even got a photo of a grey day, big raindrops splashing on the lens and all.
After several rounds of posts I asked if we could curb the weather reports.
It wasn't like I was gonna stay in Saudi Arabia until the storm blew over.
As I stated then, it could be raining bog water and my flat could be on fire when I get there and I'll still be happy to be home.
Got back from the airport about 10pm.

It's 4:20am.
I've already listened to the new remix of Sgt Pepper from the 'deluxe' boxed set that I knew had arrived while I was gone and was dying to get into.
I listened on headphones.
This is the album that, like or hate it, changed the game for everybody.
I still have 3 more discs of outtakes and unreleased studio recordings and a DVD to float thru.
Not tonight.
I may not be going to bed quite yet but I'm not ready to pump anymore music into my brain right now.

Saying that, it was a brilliant tour.
I'd be less than honest if I didn't say again how much I agonize before any extended touring stretches.
There's too much to roll around in my head.
Everything about EVERYTHING!!!
Once it begins, and it usually starts with radio and TV, it's one step at a time.
Suddenly, there's too much to deal with on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis to think too far ahead.
It becomes a lot more specific and actually easier to manage than the overwhelming thought of every upcoming minute all at once!
The band was sensational once again, making my life on stage so much more fun and exciting than it might be after all these years.
It really is a joy!
Willie, Damian, Jon, Michele and John.
I didn't mention our drummer, Accy, because he, shockingly and unfortunately, hurt his back just a few days before the band were scheduled to leave and we had to find a replacement.
And it pretty much had to be someone from the part of the world we were going to tour.
There would not have been enough time to get a work visa for anyone in the UK in the short amount of time in which this issue had to be resolved.
We did the NZ/OZ shows with a fella named Steve Fearnly.
He had to learn this show in a matter of days by listening to recordings and thru communication with our musical director, John Maher, who thankfully knew Steve from past experience with him and knew him to be more than capable, contacted him to ask if he could do the gig starting a few days and, happily got a positive answer.
I didn't bother bringing any of this over the past few weeks because I wanted the focus to be on how great the band was gonna sound and not diminish anyone's expectations even a tiny bit with talk of injury and missing band members..
As it turns out Steve is a great drummer.
He took on a difficult task but he grabbed it and held on to it thru 11 shows.
He's also an unassuming, interesting, professional and instanly likeable guy.
So special thanks to Steve Fearnly for doing a remarkable job with terrific enthusiasm and spirit.
Also a big thanks to another bunch of guys who's faces are a joy to see everyday.
Simon, our sound engineer, Glen, our lighting designer and director and Graham Clow, stage manager, guitar, keyboard and drum tech.
Those three guys leave earlier and stay later than any of the rest of us and never get less than glowing comments from venues all around the world
My heartfelt appreciation goes to Adrian, my personal, tour and production manager.
He's also a close friend.
He's been with me for over ten years and has helped me rebuild not only a successful brand and company but also my confidence that I'd be doing the right thing by stepping headlong into the storrm again.
Helps me keep things in prospective by giving me all the information on everything.
Even when I might not wanna hear it.
Invaluable to me in a business full of sharks, snakes and apes.
And, as they say, last, but never least, I want to thank Sam and Claire for dealing all the nuts and bolts of social media, administration concerns and all the many things that go on back at headquarters that no one thinks about.
But I do.
And, the coolest thing is I know it's all done with love.
S&C started my first website when there wasn't enough of a buzz about me to warrant one.
They have helped promote and elevate whatever this unit has become from, literally, day one, ground floor level.
If you're reading this you ought to want to thank them too.
They are and have been your link to everything I have done in the past and that DR HOOK does now and will do in the future and I believe everyone out there is well taken care of and can consider themselves well informed.

It's 5am.
Depending on which time zone my brain is flapping around in at the moment it might also be 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, or 8pm.
I'm gonna see if there is anything I want to watch. ~


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