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I was forwarded a copy of a discussion some folks were having about me on FB.
There was a woman who said she used to be a huge Hook fan and went to all my solo shows but now she thinks I'm rude, obnoxious and boring.
Someone else said he always thoght I was a decent guy because I seemed approachable whenever he saw me 'around town'.
Another fella said I still had a good voice but have 'aged quite a bit'.
And the first woman was back spewing that she wouldn't go see me now if she was 'given a ticket'.
Ah, celebrity.
It's a charmed life.
I must admit it makes me wonder what I could have possibly done or said to that poor dear when I generally go out of my way to be friendly whenever someone approaches me.
All I can surmise is she must have been a real piece of work or just expected more than I was willing to give that day.
It happens.
I wonder if this is the woman who came to see my show at Worthing Pavilion a few years ago and was pissed off that I didn't sing Sylvia's Mother that night.
I mean genuinely angry.
And nasty.
I said 'Sorry, I hope it didn't ruin the whole show for you'.
She said it definitely had and she was sure others were disappointed and I would soon lose all my fans.
She also said she personally would never come see me again.
I think my response was 'RESULT!'.
My mind goes to this particular incident because (A) it happened locally and the comments seemed to originate from somewhere close by and (B) I have so few altercations with people that the ones I do have are not hard to recall.
Especially one as harsh as that was.
As far as the ageing bit, yeah, sorry 'bout that.
I'm doing all I can to hold back time.
Without cosmetic interference, that is.
I have tried to keep to myself over the years.
As much as someone who strives to be in the public eye can anyway.
It seems there are some people who think if they goad and taunt me I might get fed up and defend myself.
But, truthfully, I am blissfully unaware of most of the shit that gets said.
I get wind of the general conversations and comments occasionally.
I know there are the assholes that still enjoy pitting me and Ray Sawyer against each other.
They take exception to how I bill myself and what I say (or don't say) in interviews, etc.
They have opinions about how I respond (or don't) to certain things concerning Hook.
They guess at and comment about my personal life.
Assess what they think I have and do not have.
Or what they think I do or do not deserve.
The ones that really get me are the people who pass judgement and make sweeping statements that end with...'but what do I know?'.
Shouldn't we get your qualifications before your opinion?
Thankfully, I'm only reminded of this kind of nonsense once in awhile.
On my weaker days I think 'Screw this! I don't need this shit!'.
And on my better days I see it as just that.
Every beautifully prepared, well presented, scrumptious culinerary delight turns into a pile of it.
Doesn't keep you from enjoying the meal, does it?
Or does it?

When he tries to make sense, he vents
When he's looking for clues, he'll muse
When he's taken a stance, he rants
When he's ready to stop, he'll drop.

You know, it looks like it's struggling to be a lovely day out there.
Better get my ass in gear. ~


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