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The last few days have been pretty disorienting but, thankfully, I been able let myself go with however I felt.
Had a few things that had to be done but I believe I got thru them alright.
We leave for the two nights in Scotland on the 15th so a there's a week to be at home.
Always stuff to do but life does not turn based on your location.
I've dealt with some lousy circumstances from a hotel room a long way from home.
Sometimes on the hotel phone, back in the days before convenient communication devices made it easier to stay in touch and no feel so isolated.
Have some basic shopping to do, a little drycleaning to put in and absolutely must force myself to stay away from the fucking refrigerator and pantry.
I can eat three things while I'm looking for a something to eat.
It becomes a nearly mindless act.
This is never an issue on the road.
Still resting when and if it comes.
Slept from midnight to 1:30am.
Then from 3-ish until 5.
Then 6:30 until 8:30.
That's quite few hours in total.
And not one of those times I did I wake up and have to remember where the toilet is or wonder if I should just get up and pack. ~


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