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It looks as tho Timeless is holding it's own in the Amazon Top Ten.
I've been told that the mid week national chart number is 12, but it's expected to hit #10 by the end of the week.
Not bad for a bunch of 'old music', huh?
I still haven't seen the TV ad but I haven't been watching much of anything that isn't on DVD.
I don't think I can sit thru Dancing On Ice.
I'll just have to take everyone's word for it.

It's gonna be a long day on Friday, beginning with an early rise (5:30-6) for the Chris Evans show at 8am.
After the show I'll shoot over to Broadcast House for down the line interviews until it's time to head to the Robert Elms show.
After that visit it's back to BH for more down the line stuff.
Should be done by tea time.

Next Tuesday will be another full day.
Down the line interviews from BH in the morning, Johnny Walker pre-record at 2pm and more BH chats after that.
I should get home about 7-8 that night and Australian interviews will begin at 11pm and go until about half 1 or 2am.
Speaking of Australia, I did a couple of pre-recorded interviews with radio stations last night.
Spoke to Mark Stratchan ('Strawny') on Radio 2MC in Port Macquarie who said it will be on his 'Local Breakfast' show on Thursday morning and Craig Pritchard at 2GN in Canberra who said he'd play the interview on his Friday morning programme.
Obviously these are on Thursday and Friday mornings, Aussie time.
Let us know if you catch 'em.

Another sunny day today.
Still most likely cold as can be but nice to lose the rain for awhile.
More when there is more. ~


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