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Off to London later this evening.
Spending the night in a hotel and getting up at O-Dark-30 to get to the Chris Evans show.
I've heard the other guests are BBC radio personality, Bob Harris, Mel C, and a couple of guys talking about the 6 Nations Rugby games (sorry I don't know their names and probably won't have a lot to add to that particular portion of the conversation...but you never know).
Speaking of nights in a hotel I will be on the BBC Breakfast programme on March 26th.
They do that show from Manchester now since the London studios shut down.
So, it's another hotel the night before and another early rise.

Timeless is still holding it's own on Amazon.
I hear it may crack the top 10 in the national charts this weekend.
I personally hope it slows down and becomes a steady seller after this initial flurry.
In my experience it's the gradual climbers that last the longest as opposed to the quick flash kind of attention a release might get at the start.
Once again, keeping in mind that the only thing I've done to promote it so far has been the AT show last week, I think we're doing OK.
Universal seems happy.
That must be a good sign.
Still haven't caught the animated ad but, like I said, it isn't gonna pop up on any of the DVDs I've been watching.

Australia 2014 looms larger and larger every day.
I must figure out what I'm taking and how to pack so we can work out what, if any, additional costs we will incur for extra luggage.
Sooner or later I will get my head into the setlist, but, honestly, it's always running around in there anyway.

Starting to wonder whether I may have bitten off more than I can swallow between the album promo and the upcoming tour, but here I am and there I go. ~



Posts: 2,082

I've been seeing bits today about the star-studded memorial to broadcaster David Frost.
The man certainly had an exceptional life and career, highlighted by his historic interview with disgraced president, Richard Nixon.
When Hook got our first big break it was in a little known Dustin Hoffman movie called Who Is Harry Kellerman And Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?.
Dustin was scheduled to appear on the American David Frost Show and he was to be the only guest on the 90 minute programme.
He asked us to be on the show with him so he wouldn't have to shoulder the entire weight.
We did a few songs including the two from the film, The Last Morning and Bunky And Lucille.
The third song may have been Marie Laveaux.
We never met David Frost.
He never spoke to us or even looked in our direction.
He stared down at his notes while we played.
I guess interviewing a bunch of hippies wasn't his idea of a career builder.
In any case, he did just fine without us. ~



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