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I would say I woke up at 5:30 Friday morning if I'd ever really fallen asleep.
Adrian and I got to the hotel about 9pm.
I had a bite to eat and climbed into bed to read at about 11.

I probably turned out the lights around midnight, which is pretty early for me, but I was there for the Chris Evan's show so I thought I should try and get some sleep.
I think I dozed for a bit but the room was a bit airless and it made me restless.
I didn't dare open the windows because I could clearly hear people shouting down in the street with them closed.
As a matter of fact, somewhere in the night it sounded like there was a crowd, laughing and cheering, as if they were watching a show.
Had to be 3am or so.
My alarm was set for 5:30 but I may as well have not set it at all.
I resisted checking the time for as long as I could and when I finally did it was 4:30.
That was pretty much it.I just lay there waiting for the alarm to go off, but ended up turning it off at 5:20.
Thoughts of Australia being about 5 weeks away jolted me into rapid heartbeats once or twice.
The ever present packing quandary, the new IPad and IPhone I acquired that I know nothing about, set list possibilities, lyrics and on and on.
Nothing wears me out more than trying to rest.
I'm better off just getting up or maybe reading.
But lying awake, wishing I was asleep sucks.
Met Adrian downstairs at 7:20 and we cabbed it over to Broadcast House rather than take the car and try to find a place to park.
Got in to the studio about 7:45, did a quick soundcheck at 8 and then it was a cup of tea and a mingle with the other guests in the greenroom area.
Chris Evan's show is chaotic, unpredictable and extremely fast paced.
Chris seems to thrive on being the center of the maelstrom and he handles it very well.
I was introduced (by fellow guest, Bob Harris) at 8:30 and stayed on for the rest of the final hour of the show.
I played 3 songs, all Hook, as that's what I was there for - Sylvia, Beautiful Woman and If Not You, all requested by the show.
I screwed up the second line of the last verse and had no choice but to stop, confess and begin that verse again.
After all it is a heart wrenching tale and it wouldn't do to forget to tell Sylvie to 'take her umbrella'.
The biggest listenership in the UK and I mess up a song I've been singing for 44 years.
You know what?
Screw it.
What's the worse that could happen?
It ruins my career?
Too late!
I've already had one of those.
Chris was very cool (and funny) about my foolishness and we carried on.
He kept saying that I looked 'remarkably well', on and off mic, as if he'd heard otherwise.
After the show we took some group photos and headed over to do some down the line interviews before going to BBC Radio London the Robert Elms show.
I've done Robert's show before.
It's always a brief affair; a bit of chat, a song, a little more chat and we're done.
I played a 'mash-up of Cover Of Rolling Stone and The Millionaire to get away from the love songs for a minute.
We were on our way out of London by about 3pm.
Got home around 6.
Looking forward to the weekend, especially if the nice weather they're threatening us with becomes reality.
Tuesday will be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day.
A car (not Adrian today) picks me up at 7:30am to take me back in to London.
Arrive at Broadcast House 10:15am for down the line stuff until it's time run over and prerecord Johnny Walker's programme at 1:30.
After that it's back to BH for about 10 more down the line chats.
I should be finished by four and leave London straightaway.
Probably home by 7.
Dinner, a little TV and the Australian PR starts at 11 and lasts until 2am.
Well, it's almost 3am now and I'm pushing 24 hours awake, so I'm gonna go sit my tired ass down in something more comfortable than this swivel computer chair.
Later, folks. ~


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