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I had workmen, as many as five, in my flat for most of the day yesterday.
They were installing double glazed windows in every room.
Long overdue, but I'm never comfortable with a houseful of disturbance.
Couldn't really leave but found myself with no place to be.
Moving from room to room, trying to stay out of the way.
Equipment and tarps everywhere.
Nice to have it done, but jeezaloo, what a strange, disjointed day.
Adrian and I are headed to Holland tomorrow.
I was asked once again by Universal Music to help them put together a three disc Hook compilation titled DR HOOK COLLECTED for release in Holland, but I'm sure it will also be available in other territories online.
It's not Timeless, but a different deal altogether.
Of course there are tracks on this comp that are also on Timeless (and a lot of other 'best of's out there), but the cool thing about this set is the sackful rarities they've managed to come up with.
I didn't write the liner notes, as I did for Timeless, but I did offer a bit of guidance on what was printed.
I also made sure that every version of Hook was represented in the photos they used.
Too often I see albums out there with a photo of the band on the cover that does not correlate to the tracks in the package.
Some may consider these minor issues, but it's time to get as much of that straight as is possible now after years of misinformation and lazy journalism.
I don't go looking for them like I once did, but given the opportunity I am always happy to shine a little light on those mistakes.
Remember what I said about popular misconceptions?
Well, that's what I'm talking about.
Just because it's been repeated over and over doesn't make it true.
I'm going to Holland to do some TV, radio and press for the release.
We leave tomorrow, late in the day,.
I'll have plenty of stuff to do, beginning at 8am on Friday, running thru the day and into the evening.
There are also a couple other interviews on Saturday.
We leave for home after the Saturday schedule is completed.
I may not have the whole itinerary before we get there, but, if I do, I will try and let folks know what I'm doing, in case you can watch or listen.
Look for a bit about the compilation to be posted on our website.
The official release day is March 18th.
The sales for the UK tour are looking good, especially in these early days, with no real promotion done yet.
Right now, it's all word of mouth.
And people seem to be talking!
Keep up the chatter, friends.
Hoping everyone is in good health and happy out there in this big, ugly world.
It's getting crazier and more dangerous every day.
I never thought we'd live to see some of the shit that is currently going on.
I barely recognize the good ol' USA at the moment.
Let's hope logic and reason supercede the climate of division, hatred and violence that seems to be sweeping the country.
OK, that's it from me for now.
If anything interesting comes up I'll be sure to let you know.
If you get wind of it first maybe you can tell me. ~


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