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There was absolutely no time to jump back on here yesterday.
Everything we did just brought us another thing to do.
This is good news, mind you.
Radio got us more radio.
Same with TV.
We were going to leave the hotel at 2pm today and go do one live radio show in front of an audience of between 150-200 people.
Instead we are heading out at noon so we can stop and do 2-3 songs for a Hook documentary being done by 192TV.
I already did several on camera bits about certain songs for it yesterday and they decided it would be cool to have me sing.
So sing I shall.
Needles to say, I was pretty tired when we got back here at midnight last night after 7:30am lobby call in the morning.
I thought about sitting here and reliving the day but simply couldn't face it.
I have 45 minutes to get packed - we're going straight to Schipol airport after the radio show - and get my sorry ass downstairs.
I might have a bit of time at the airport to check back in here.
I think we'll have a few hours there before we fly.
It's all down to the wi-fi availability.
A lot of what I did yesterday is online somewhere I hear.
If we get any of it it will be posted on our website and FB.
Thanks to Sam for keeping up wit.mh all of this.
Goodness knows I can't.
Also big props to my Dutch pal, Henny, for posting links to some of what went on.
It was appreciated by everyone.
Let me take a second here to thank Marco Witkamp at Universal for contacting me to be a part of this release and promotion.
Also to Roy Teysse, the managing director of the Universal Catalogue division.
Roy and I had met a long time ago when Hook was recording at Wisseloord Studios, right here in Hilversum.
It was nice to catch up after so many years.
I dropped by the Universal offices yesterday to meet the staff and sing them a few songs (including Sylvia's Father!!!).
OK, time to make a move.
I don't touch down in the UK until 10pm tonight so I'll see how I feel once I get home.
If I'm not completely shattered I'll be back.
If I am (sigh) then more tomorrow.
Later, folks.
How much later is still up for grabs. ~


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