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There's not a whole lot to say, but I thought I'd check in and at least say 'hi'.

There's a big push this coming week on Timeless, running up to Mother's Day.
I believe it's the marketing department's erotic dream that everyone named Sylvia will rush out in the eleventh hour and buy a copy for their maternal influence.
Those named Cynthia, Sophia or, in a stretch, Cinnamon, are also invited to participate.

It's been nice to take a break from the sound of my own voice, altho I did do a few phoners today.
I will say that everyone I've spoken with has been very flattering and positive about the compilation and seemed genuinely pleased to speak to me.
It's kinda like I just stumbled out of the woods after having been missing for a long time and assumed dead.
Guess no one has noticed me jumping up and down, waving my arms and yelling "Here I am! Hey! Right here! I'm right fucking HERE!" for the last decade then?
Never too late to be rescued you say?
Oh, I beg to differ.

I've been told that my slot on Wednesday's BBC Breakfast will happen at either 8:40 or 9:05.
It's called going with the flow.
Ah, the public colonoscopy that is live television.

High definition technology was not meant to be lavished on those it can't possibly benefit.
Airbrushed and auto-tuned.
That's today's ticket to the stars.
Instead, I, neanderthal that I am, will serve my dressing gown clad audience the stark realities of time with their Special K and orange juice.
Call it bravery if you will.
I'm thinking of a different word.

I have one episode left to watch in the entire series of Breaking Bad and if anyone posts how it ends I will kill them!
I've been painfully diligent in my efforts to avert my attention away from all the chatter and discussion since the series finished.
I'm sixty revealing minutes from the end of that next to impossible chore.

OK, so, that was the 'not a whole lot' I came in with.
Later, friends. ~


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