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Nothing to do today.
Well, actually there's always something to do but there's nowhere in particular I have to be today to do it and that's a plus.
Lovely chatting to my friend Iain Lee last night on his new talkRADIO show.
And I don't say friend' in a mutually professional sense.
I genuinely like the guy.
He's a good soul.
Gonna take a walk into town in a little while and see what I can secure for dinner.
Got my mind made up on fish.
They should have some nice haddock fillets at M&S if I get there before they're all gone.
Which means I ought to get myself together and out of this flat as soon as possible.
'Bye for now. ~



Posts: 2,082
Checking into the weird double (triple?) spaced blog entries that are happening lately.
There's nothing I've done to change the way it looks.
Unless, of course, I did it by accident.
To be honest, I'm always happy to find out that it was something I screwed up when things go awry.
If it goes back to normal you'll know we sussed the problem.
If not, I suppose it could be worse. ~


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