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Off to Manchester in about 3 hours.
Long way to go and much time spent to do maybe a 5-6 minute slot on BBC Breakfast.
The last thing I heard was they might decide to ask me to sing.
I thought that was the point of this exercise.
Oh well, we'll see what happens sometime between 8:30-9:30 tomorrow morning.
I think after this show and Wogan (Sunday, April 6th) I may be done with the Timeless promotion.
I'm only gonna have less than two weeks to go before we leave for Australia after that.
It's been weighing heavily on my mind for months but it's really beginning to sink in now.
There are two festivals to do later in the year - one in Sweden and one in Belgium.
Details will be posted soon.
I hear Timeless is holding it's own, especially with all the new releases that are flooding the market, like X Factor 'winner', Sam Bailey's first and Wilko Johnson's swansong album.
I'll say it again - to know that this Hook compilation is hanging in like it is fanf8ckingtastic! 
OK, gonna throw some clothes and personal stuff together.
I'll check in again when I get home tomorrow night or the next day. ~


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