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One question I seem to be getting asked most often is how difficult was it to choose only 40 tracks for Timeless.
The first CD practically compiled itself, but the second disc was harder.
There has not been a day gone by that I haven't thought of something else I wish I would have put on disc 2, like Everybody Loves Me or Cooky and Lila.
Some people have asked why there weren't more of the very early tracks in the package.
You have to keep in mind that Universal acquired the EMI catalogue, but not the SONY or Phonogram stuff.
I would have definitely gone for Acapulco Goldie, Life Ain't Easy, The Wonderful Soupstone, I Can't Touch The Sun, Things I Didn't Say and several more from those early albums and The Wild Colonial Boy from Phonogram but that would have meant that Universal would have to had license them from the other labels and, let's face it, when you already own a rich body of work you might tend to want to concentrate on what you have.
It also would have taken a third CD because I didn't want to remove any of what I chose.
Having said that Universal did agree to license Sylvia, Rolling Stone, Freaker's Ball (sooooo glad that's on this compilation!), Carry Me, Carrie, Lucy Jordan from SONY and a couple of the later ones, like Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk and Girls Can Get It from Phonogram so the set would be more comprehensive.
All in all, it seems to be working pretty well as it is, so no regrets. ~


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