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Went into Brighton yesterday to have some sushi.
Stopped by the HMV store to see how Timeless was doing.
At first I couldn't find it and thought 'Well, shit! They have lots of them in my local HMV and it's # 6 on their chart, so why aren't they any here at all?'
Then I realized I was looking too far down on their chart wall.
Took a quick glance upward and there it was...at #2!
Right below that guy from Wham!
Another pretty amazing (yes, in this case that annoyingly overused word applies!) position.
Now that Mothers' Day is over the big label push might be over, but if this is as well as the album does then everyone concerned should be happy.
If anyone sees or hears the TV or radio ad please let us know it's still being aired.

Had an interesting offer come thru a few days ago.
I'll wait and see if it becomes a reality before I tell you about it, but it's something I've
never been offered and it came from a country I've never visited before.

Not such a great day out there today but I have a few things to do, one of them concerns
luggage - the bane of my existence at the moment.

Less than three weeks before we leave for Australia.
Deep breaths are in order.

Later, friends. ~



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