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Anybody ever hear of or actually see Vintage TV on Channel 343?
I've caught a few bits of it myself.
They show programmes and videos that showcase the work of 'vintage' artists, of which I'm told I'm one.
It reminds me of very early MTV, when they were just feeling out who their audience was going to be.
If they get as popular they might eventually move away from music and on to original programming like 'Babyboomers With Babies' and 'Retired And On Death Row', but right now there's a VTV series called Neil McCormick's Needle Time and I'm recording one of them this Thursday.
I think it's a chat and, in this case, they'll probably show a few Hook clips, maybe bits from my concert DVDs.
I haven't seen this particular show so I really don't know.
I'll let you know if I find out when it will be on the air.
2014 is definitely going to be a 'vintage artist' year for me, beginning with the Hook promo for Timeless and continuing on in Australia where I've not yet moved beyond being 'that guy from Dr Hook'.
I know I should relax with it all.
After all, it is my lot.
But there's something about being a 'walking memory' that doesn't sit well with me at all.
I suppose if I come out of it as an 'artist with a history' rather than an 'oldies act' I'll have to be happy with that.
Waiting to hear about a few TV shows and more radio.
Print interviews might be in there too.

I'd like it all to be winding down in the first week of April.
Our leave date for Australia is the 19th.
There will also be another spate of pre-tour promotion to do in the next few weeks.

As much as I hate sitting in all day I have seen no evidence that I won't get pissed on if I venture out today.
Not in the mood to struggle with the elements.
But, all it would take is the threat of sun and I might still throw a coat on and get out there.

Next Monday, the 10th, is the release date for Timeless.
I'm more excited about this album than I have been about a lot of the Hook reissues that have come out over the years.
I love BGO's complete catalogue releases because it gives folks a chance to get their old vinyl faves on CD.
I think I find this one special because Universal has treated the project as a priority, even to the point of commissioning a cool animated TV ad, as opposed to just slapping a few old video clips together under an uninspired voiceover.
I also have a feeling in my bones that it's the right time to present a fresh listen to Hook's music.
It's a shame that I won't be around to tour behind Timeless, but some things happen when they happen and all you can do is be glad they happened at all.
Someday - with any luck that day will come decades from now - there will be a Dr Hook compilation released and I won't be around to even know about it.

I hear that my proposed 'Backstage with...' documentary got some good feedback from the powers that be and it now moves to BBC programming to see if they can find a slot for it.
We'll see...

OK, that's it for now.
The weather has not changed for the better, nor have I changed into my street clothes. ~



Posts: 2,082

I was just told that the Alan Titchmarch show has confirmed me for March 5th, as in two days from now!
It's a pre-record so Adrian and I will have to get into London for about 1pm.
It'll be on the air nearer the end of the month, I believe.
I must say that the brutal scrutiny of a TV camera is something I could easily live without these days.
I actually can't recall the last time I did any television.
It's gonna be very odd to sit there knowing that everything about me will have changed since the last time most folks laid eyes on me, except the songs I'll be singing.
In this case, I think it's a chorus each of a few of the 'hits'.
What was once a regular occurrence in my life now seems so foreign and nerve-wracking.
The total focus on the life I had over 40 years ago doesn't help make it seem any less alien to me.
So, it looks like I'll be in London on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Thank goodness I can come home in between.
It's awkward that this promotion fell right before the upcoming tour.
Accomplishing one doesn't help the other at all.
Just adds to the spinning affect. ~


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