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I cannot tell you how glad I am to get today's TV appearance over and done with.
Don't get me wrong...
Everyone at the show was absolutely lovely to me and Adrian.
The crew could not have been more friendly and helpful.
Alan Titchmarsh was a splendid gentlemen and easy to talk to.
It was me that was ruining it for me.
I was really getting myself wound up about it.
I haven't done any TV like that in quite awhile and, trust me, it's not your normal, bog standard way to spend an hour (not counting travel, soundcheck, make-up - just a tiny bit so I wouldn't shine).
It was second nature to me for a long time, especially during the Hook years, but these days it's an uncommon occurrence and one I wasn't sure how I would handle.
From every indication it went well.

That's all I need to know.
Back into London tomorrow for the Vintage TV chat with Neil McCormick.
I've been told that NM is also the music critic with the Telegraph.
I'm expecting we'll have a nice old natter.
I'll let you know when it's on air.

OK, that's it for me.
Home and hungry. ~


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