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I hope the sun is out where you are today because it certainly is bright here.
And I hear the whole weekend might be like this.
I won't hold my breath but I will enjoy it if it's true.
The Vintage TV interview was interesting.
The presenter, Neil McCormick was a very switched on guy.
He admitted not being very much into Dr Hook back in the day but, over the years, heard things about the band that made him curious.
He also said after doing a little research on me that he was surprised to see that I'd carried on as I have, post-Hook.
The programme will be an hour long with clips or something in between.
No idea what the source of those bits will be, but it doesn't much matter.
I reckon as long as we talk it will transcend anything the past throws up.
After several performance pre-intros on the Titchmarsh show that included words like 'Mr Sexy Eyes, himself' I started to realize that it doesn't matter how I'm perceived from past achievements as long as there is some opportunity to convey where I am today.
Of course there wasn't much time to say anything on AT's show besides promoting Timeless but it all served a purpose, theirs and mine (altho it did give me a few seconds pause as to whether I should have gone into the production of birdhouses rather than music).
Unless they sneak anymore stuff in at the top of the week I should be media free until the Chris Evans Show on Friday morning.
That will be a long day.
After CE's show I'm going over to BBC Broadcast House and talk to a bunch of stations 'down the line', as they say, after which I shoot over to talk to Robert Elms on BBC London and then back to Broadcast House for more interviews.
I was told that a good number of people would like to talk to me.
Funny, that's not what my previous PR rep would tell me.
Guess it's down to who you know, huh?
Why, of course it is!
To be honest, I think Universal has a fair amount of clout.
The Terry Wogan radio show is now booked for Sunday, April 6th.
I like Mr W.
He was always one of the DJs who would back announce the Hook records he would play by saying 'with Dennis Locorriere on lead vocal'.
You have to love a guy who's paying attention.
I'm hoping that is where the bulk of the Timeless promotion will end for me.
The leave date for Australia is less than 2 weeks after Wogan and my head will definitely be more in the present and future tenses than the past at that point.
There's another run of post-tour interviews on Tuesday night (and another round the following Tuesday night).
OK, the sun is bright but I'm not if I just sit here, typing.
Later, friends. ~


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