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Tomorrow, Monday, March 10th, is the official release date for Dr Hook's Timeless album.
It's #60 on the Amazon chart, up from #63 just since this morning.
It says it's been in the Top 100 CDs for the last 5 days.
When you think of all the albums Amazon carries and the fact that the promotion for Timeless has barely begun that's pretty damned cool.
This is all on pre-order.
It certainly has had no real help from me yet, apart from possibly a little push from the Alan Titchmarsh show on Wednesday.
The Chris Evans and Robert Elms BBC radio shows and all the regional stuff doesn't happen until this coming Friday, the 14th.
Johnny Walker is prerecorded on the 18th (no air date yet) and Wogan is 'live' but not until April 6th.
I heard I was booked to be on This Morning with Phillip Scofield and Holly Willoughby but because I did AT's show they cancelled me.
It seems you can't be on two ITV programmes even if they are on different days and different times of the day.Weird policy.
Too bad.
I would have liked to meet old Phil and Holly in the flesh.
(I included PS in there to be polite!)
Has anyone seen the animated TV ad yet?
I know it won't be on the Beeb, so I guess any or all of the other networks are possible.
I watch more DVDs than television these days, but I'd love to catch it.
I'm betting it looks great!
Let us know if you spot it and where, please.
That goes for anywhere you might see the album too, like HMV, ASDA or wherever they sell albums these days.

I got myself and IPhone and an IPad today, especially for my Australian trip.
I feel so contemporary except for the fact that I have no f8cking idea what to do with either of them yet.
I hate communication technology in all it's many forms.
Admittedly, some of that negativity is pure intimidation - it makes me feel stoooooopid - but much of it is simply because I don't need or want to be in contact with everyone and everything every minute of every day.
The rub is that it becomes necessary these days.
I just couldn't see dragging my laptop across Australia when all I really want to do is check email and do my tour blog.
Yes, I will attempt it and see how much my schedule allows.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine.
Because, uhhhh, ya never know, do ya? ~



Posts: 2,082

I just took a look at the Amazon Top 100 and, as far as I could tell, there were only three albums in that chart that have not yet been released.
They were Timeless and Now That's What I Call Music Volume 666 and Now That's What I Call Running 2014.
A CD of 'special' songs you can run to?
What's next?
Bottled water???
Can you not run to the Hook stuff??? ~



Posts: 2,082

You might be detecting a bit more day to day personal excitement about the release of Timeless than the other Hook reissues I've been involved with over the years.
While I was always very positive and happy to see those projects happen (or I wouldn't have been involved at all) I'd have to say you weren't wrong.
I think the main reason I can give you is the enthusiasm I've felt from the folks at Universal Music right from the very first conversation we had about the album.
That infectious attitude carried on straight thru all the package prep and continues now into the promotional end of things.
I know it's all about marketing and selling as many copies of the album as possible, but there has been a willingness to get it right on the part of everybody involved.
That was my main motivation for climbing on board and it's terrific to see a company as big and powerful as Universal, who doesn't have to give a shit and wouldn't lose much sleep if they didn't, actually give that shit and 'a little bit more' (a shameless plug). ~   


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