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I'm up at 6:45am tomorrow, leaving for the TV station at 8:15.
Not sure if I'm singing, chatting or both.
Afterwards, it's off to a few radio interviews, some live, some pre-recorded.
Same unknowns.
Sort of tired.
Gonna read - Paul McCartney: The Biography by Phillip Norman - and hope I faint.
Didn't happen until 5am this morning, slept on and off until about 10, but I had all day to rest and adjust.
That won't do or be the case for tomorrow.
We leave on a 6:30am flight to Auckland on Tuesday for an exhausted day off in a different time zone.
More early TV/radio on Wednesday, followed by an afternoon flight to Nelson.
First show is there on Thursday night.
I think the band gets to Nelson on the day I get to Auckland.
Just thinking about it all makes me swoon.
Wish it made me tired.
Time to open the book and see if staring at it closes my eyes. ~


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