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Arrived here yesterday after an early morning of TV/radio in Auckland.
We left the hotel at 6am in the middle of a rainstorm.
We were back there by about 10 and had 20 minutes to get our bags downstairs and into the transport vehicles to head to the airport to fly to Nelson.
The weather has been pretty dreadful here as well.
The hotel has a Japaneses restaurant, including a sushi bar, which was excellent news seeing as I wasn't going out in the piss to find something to eat.
Fell asleep about 12:30 but only stayed that way until about 2am.
Managed to drift off again until 3:30.
Awake again at 4:50 and that was it until almost 8.
This is nothing new.
I do this kind of thing whenever we travel far from home.
Fits and starts.
Dozed again for a bit and then it was pushing 10, so I've given up.
If I can't get many consecutive hours of sleep I have to be happy with the ones I do get.
Having some tea, might grab a small bite.
Then it will be time to organise my gig clothes.
Brought mostly black attire this time simply because it's easier to deal with on the run.
We leave for soundcheck at 4:15 and stay there until showtime at 7:30.
Obviously pretty apprehensive about the first concert.
I've never played here before.
The band and crew seem ready to rock so I'll be surrounded by the best team I could possibly have.
More when we get the first one done and dusted.
Here we go again, folks! ~


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