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Well, here I am once again trying to come up with the words to describe an indescribable evening!
The good people of Nelson turned out in droves to have a great time and, as always, it pushed us to provide the very best of what we do, individually and as a group.
All ages, all rockin' the house down.
The older I get, the harder it is for me to want to leave home and brave the uncertainties of the road, especially in these dangerous times when 'home' is where it seems one ought to be.
This was the first show of the tour.
Not a particularly long one, as touring goes, but a tough schedule nonetheless.
I'm so lucky to have such talented, good natured, spirited, professional people out here with me.
It makes my life as easy as it's gonna be in this not so easy situation.
We now head to Christchurch for another full house.
I can only hope (not assume...to assume anything is folly) we will have the kind of audience we had last night.
Thanks Nelson!
DR HOOK and I love you for being there for so many years and for still being there today. ~


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