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OK, so what am I supposed to say here?
Would it suffice to say we had another great night, playing for an appreciative, fun seeking packed audience who sang and clapped and made us feel totally welcomed?
Well, alright then.
Because that's exactly what happened.
It's takes a little time to get these entries down when we travel and play every day.
Had a night off last night but didn't sleep very well the night before.
It was kinda like having a bit of jetlag all over again.
Had to make sure I didn't fall sleep too early and wake up in the middle of the night.
Nothing wears me out quicker than trying to sleep.
Feeling back to the correct species today.
We're in Wellington now, by the way.
Windy Wellington they call it.
Seemed about right when our plane was landing.
But they say it's 'normal' and, in a life that is anything but that, it was comforting to know the pilots are used to it.
Crying from the cockpit would NOT have gone over well with anyone.
Having tea and a scone downstairs, mostly to get the hell out of the room for a bit.
Heading to the venue about 4:15.
Wellington, we really hope you're ready because we certainly are.
It's what we came to do.
Another SOLD OUT show.
Cool. ~


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