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Once again, my absence has been due to a lack of anything substantial to say.
Oh, sure, there are things going on, some productive, some annoying.
Just like in your life.
But, overall, nothing worth throwing into the ether.
Nice to see the days getting longer and longer.
I tend to start to cushion myself in the early dark days.
Makes me a little lazy.
'Oh, sun's gone down. The day must be over!'
What am I?
A fucking budgie in a cage?
Throw a towel over the top of it and he'll go to sleep.
But, in my case, it just means the nights go on forever.
And most of the time I like that.
A lot.
But there comes a time when we must pull wide the heavy drapes and let the day dictate our actions.
Nature has done it for me.
I grew up with four seasons.
You could set your clock by the turning of the seasons.
Spring in April, May, maybe a bit into June, but summer dutifully rolled up after that.
June, July August.
Come September you went and bought your fall clothes, like corduroy trousers, sweaters and flannel shirts.
And, damn, if you didn't need them on your walk back to school.
Autumn gave us warm colors and chillier weather.
By the end of November you were resigned to surrender to winter.
Freezing temperatures, ice, snow.
Ah, yes, snow.
Hopefully on Xmas Eve.
And, thinking about it, it happened pretty often.
After the holidays winter got a bit tedious, even depressing, and around March, enough was enough.
And there you were back at April.
The flowers came up and, with them, the old 'hopes springs eternal' feeling.
Today looks like a pleasant day.
I have no real purpose other than to get out and walk around in it.
Raison d'etre du jour?
Later, folks. ~


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