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Arrived in Darwin after midnight, local time, last night.
With the time change it was really about 2:30 am to us.
Had a cup of tea and a shower at the hotel and went to bed.
Fell asleep sometime after 3 and slept fitfully until about 8.
Better than nothing.
We're playing the big casino here.
It's also where we're staying.
It's an outdoor show and I can see the stage being set up from my patio.
A very odd sight indeed.
Ate a bit of breakfast outside.
The person who delivered it said they had no English Breakfast tea.
Even reception found that strange.
'But it's just normal tea'!' was their comment.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Peppermint Infusion was just not gonna do.
Nor was (shudder) Earl Grey.
I usually have some of the 'real stuff 'with me but I've run out.
Anyway, they had housekeeping bring me a few proper teabags.
But the restaurant was out of them?
Very tropical here.
Balmy this morning but expected to be in the 30s later on.
I haven't really packed for this kind of weather.
One short sleeve shirt has been hiding in the corner of my suitcase.
It shall make it's debut and, most likely, it's final showing, today.
Couldn't tell where the hell we were when we got here last night.
If I'm honest it didn't matter as long as there was a bed at the end of the journey.
Gonna get dressed and have a wander around to see what's what.
Played Darwin back in the early 80s.
Another outdoor show.
We were told 'nobody plays up here'.
Guess things have changed dramatically.
And why not?
Most things have in the last 40 years.
We have a 5:45am lobby call in the morning.
Back to the airport for the nearly 5 hour flight back to Melbourne.
The only one there is apparently.
Mercifully, we have the day/night off and play on Sunday.
Counting tonight we have six Australian shows.
If they go as well as the NZ ones I will be pleased.
Time to 'get local'.
More as things develop here.
I'm not expecting much, if anything, to be 'usual'. ~


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