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This blog entry is going to cover the past few days of the tour, from the show in Darwin, the travel day to Melbourne and the show the next night.
I stated in my last post that I wasn't expecting anything to be 'usual' in Darwin and I was right.
The soundcheck was hot and sweaty in the glare of the tropical sun, but the sound itself was great as it was an outdoor show and there were no walls or ceiling for it to bounce off or reverberate around.
We were told that the Sky City hotel and casino had only started doing concerts recently so we were an experiment of sorts.
We had one room to congregate in before the show.
We watched a couple of pretty big cane toads catching crickets on the patio.
As far as the experiment goes I would say it worked out just fine.
The audience was in a party mood for sure.
Drinking beer, singing, dancing and having a good old time.
You can see from the 'selfie' we took during the show how many folks turned up.
After the show there wasn't much time to sleep or even rest.
We had a 5:30am lobby call, leaving for the airport to catch the flight back to Melbourne.
The only other flight left at 7:30 that evening.
We reckoned it would be better to brave the early hours and arrive around midday, giving us a day and a night off.
When we got to the hotel threw my bags in the room and went for a wander for a couple of hours.
It definitely showed me how tired I was.
I struggled to stay awake, dozing, reading, flicking thru TV channels even tho I rarely turn the television on when I'm on the road.
I considered watching one of the films offered but was pretty sure I would keep nodding out and miss parts of it so that was not an option.
I finally gave it up around 1am and turned out the lights.
Slept until about 5:30am, fiddled around on my iPad for a bit and went back to sleep for another few hours.
I went down to the breakfast room about 9:30, shocking Adrian and some of the band who are not accustomed to seeing me at that hour.
Even if I'm awake I'm not usually ready to eat.
Went for another walk around 11.
Found a section of town that I'd missed the day before by turning left instead of right at the end of the street below the hotel.
There we all sorts of shops and restaurants there.
I find it hard to pass a bookstore without going in so that kept me busy for awhile.
Didn't buy anything.
I'm carrying four books already and reading two.
We left for soundcheck at Hamer Hall at the regular time of 4:15pm.
It's a lovely venue and the place was packed to the rafters.
Again you can see the 'selfie' to see what I'm talking about.
We've been so lucky to have such wonderful audiences on this tour.
Not just large but also appreciative and ready to rock.
The band was energetic and played great, as I've come to expect from this terrific group of travel companions.
Another killer night for everyone involved.
We have a day off today before we travel to Sydney tomorrow.
We're taking advantage of it to have a band meal tonight.
We have to choose a night that doesn't encroach on anyone's rest time and this is it.
So there you have the last few days in a nutshell, as they say.
There are four more shows to go and I would venture an educated guess that we will roar to a close in Perth.
Touring can be a bitch but when you have the kind of personal and musical support I have out here and the audiences we get to play to it makes it well worth it. ~


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