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I know I haven't been on here much lately.
That's simply because I haven't really had much to report.
The tour schedule is now complete.
I know we said that a few times along the way but it seems that as it started picking up momentum there were other folks and venues that wanted to be a part of the tour.
Apologies to those cities and towns I'm not gonna get to this time.
I can only hope some of you will travel a bit to see the show.
It's gonna be a good one.
Tickets look to be selling very well so I wouldn't leave it until too late if you're thinking about coming along.
We tried for a London show but it was not to be this time.
Same old reasons.
Scheduling and venue availability.
I'm pleased with the dates we have.
It certainly affords plenty of opportunity to attend if you are so inclined.
My late, great friend and Hook's drummer, John Wolters, just had a birthday go by last week.
I miss the guy.
We had so much in common and, yet, were very different.
We'd often get together in one of our rooms after shows and record silly improvised bits on my boombox, playing characters and laughing our asses off.
Or we'd just sit and talk about a million things.
John was far too young to have slipped away.
I have come to a point in my life where my immediate, daily wellbeing and that of the people I love are the only things that are important to me on a major scale.
Everything else, and I do mean everything, is a collateral issue.
I have always found it difficult to separate the serious, life altering occurences shit from the merely annoying or inconvenient shit, especially if there is more than one issue buzzing around my head simultaneously.
I am being a bit cavalier here, because this concept is more easily formulated and spouted than employed.
I will say that getting older helps you define your priorities.
Certain burdens become too heavy simply because you've been carrying them for so long.
You may have discovered it's time to eliminate some of that weight.
Like keys you've had on your ring forever that once opened locks you no longer need or even have.
You find yourself naturally dropping these things as you go.
Sometimes not realizing until after the fact that they're gone.
Trust me, I have to extrapolate my ass off to find the good aspects of aging.
There aren't many.
Unless you can still apply what you've learned to yourself, perhaps.
But if you think there are throngs of people hanging on your every experienced, philosophical word, think again.
You would assume that younger folks would be happy to have the benefits of a 'scout' who has ridden up ahead and can come back with news of where the trouble spots lie.
They want to make their own mistakes.
it can be frustrating.
But I get it.
The weather seems to be turning more pleasant.
Always good for the spirit and morale.
I will try to check in here more often.
Truth is, sometimes I don't have a lot to say.
Kinda like today.
But I made the effort.
There's a nobility in that, no?~


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