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This has been the year of the crud for me.
Had a cold a few weeks ago and have a bit of one again now.
The good thing is I usually get over it pretty quickly, but it sucks while it's happening.
The worse thing about this episode is that it has me coughing.
Not down in my chest, but in the back of my throat.
A constant tickle.
And, of course, lying down makes it worse.
Oh well, it too will pass.
But I'll be a grumpy old bear until it does.
And I have much too much to do once the new year starts to let this hinder me.
Hope everyone had a good holiday.
I know we can put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves to end the year on an upswing no matter how difficult it was.
We can't resist the old 'Next year will be the one!' exclamation.
What does that even mean?!?!?
And we usually allow ourselves the backwards countdown from ten to make it happen.
To be honest, I have no earthly idea what 2015 will bring or how much further into 2016 I will chase the brass ring.
All I know is that, as much as I'd like to stay in and warm today, I'm gonna have to go out and get some cough medicine and whatever else is required to quell, if not kill, this stupid bug.
All the best to everyone out there, except for maybe a comparatively tiny handful of assholes for whom it's virtually impossible to keep love in my heart.
We all have our own list and they all know who they are.
Chances are you're on someone's list yourself.
I'm sure I am.
Such is life.

More in the new year or before, if it warrants another post. ~


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