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I don't like putting my comments on three separate shows in one blog entry, but the last few days have been nothing but traffic and shows, traffic and shows.
There were even road diversions late at night after the gigs.
All this in mostly pissing rain.
And having to live with some dodgy phone and internet connections.
(Listen to me complain! I'm a guy who used to have to find a payphone somewhere along the road and hope I had the right amount of foreign coins to call home.)
The last three shows have happilly been illustrative of how this tour has been from the start.
Shall I describe it again?
Warm, enthusiastic, upbeat, emotional audiences made up of people of all ages.
So many families come to our shows.
Can be up to four generations.
Grandparents, parents, the kids and their kids!
And, get this, everyone of them seems happy.
That means so much to me.
I never really aspired to appeal to any one particular age group.
Why limit your overall communication possibilities?
But appealing to all ages?
Now that's something I can live with.
But not something I could have ever predicted.
You can't make a habit of waiting for the time to be right to do anything in this life, but I may have actually and accidentally lucked upon that proverbial right time, this time.

Some words about the three shows we've just played.
The Waterside in Aylesbury is very lovely venue.
Check out the audience/band pic we took that night!
It's on FB and Twitter.
I think it might be the prettiest shot of the tour so far.
The audience was just as I once again decribed above.
We felt so welcomed from the minute the band took the stage to the last goodbyes of the night.
The Liverpool show was just as special as I hoped it would be and more.
The Scousers are some if the coolest people to play for because they know what they like and if they like it they fucking LOVE IT!
The Phil is a wonderful and prestigious venue and I'm pleased and flattered to be able to say it's been a stop on my tour itinerary for many years.
The crowd in Manchester had to be the rowdiest crowd so far.
Enthusiastic, singing every song, laughing like hell.
Just a bit, uuuh, rowdier about it.
It had been a while since Hook made it's way to Manchester.
It won't be long until we go back.
All the queues after the shows were long but filled with genuinely nice people, many of which had personal stories to share about the part the music played in their own lives.

We're taking a brief rest until Tuesday (from the tour anyway - life goes on!) when we make our way up to Buxton for a show the next night at The Opera House.
Another splendid venue.
I believe we're 8 shows away from the end, making us 3/4 done.
Like life, it seems to go by so quickly but, if you think back on when it began, it seems like forever ago.

Tomorrow is a day to do all the local and personal things I won't be able to do until December 2nd, when I get back home.
Sigh. ~


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