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Well, here I am on my iPad again.
My pc has crashed.
It's an old Windows 7 laptop that has been wheezing and sputtering for a while now.
Last night I upgraded a virus protection program and had to restart my pc to take affect.
The sucker never started again.
I called Virgin Media tech support who have helped me in the past by remotely cleaning up my computer.
Always unnverving to see someone moving your cursor around and fiddling with bits on their own but they do a good job.
In this case, however, there was nothing they could do.
Corrupt Windows files they say.
I was thinking about either getting a new laptop or to just keep existing on my iPad.
Except for all the stuff I will have lost, like photos, documents, addresses, etc, I couldn't give a rat's ass about this laptop.
For the time being anyway I will be entering any and all blog posts in this less than colorful iFormat.

There are a few good things on the horizon.
We are very close to being able to sell cartoon prints and merchandise, like books and CDs, directly from our website and just (and I mean JUST) in time for Christmas.
Watch for details in the next week or so.
We're told the ordering process is simple.
And who knows?
It might help solve someone's holiday gift list quandries.

We're much closer to having a couple of things to announce about our touring schedule in 2015.
Some are with the band, some solo.
Not being coy, just practical.
Trust me when I say that, once things are nailed down, I will relish telling everybody our plans.

Weather looks dreadful today but I think I'm going for a walk.
Haven't found the time to get out much this week.
No big loss as it would have meant being blown about and pissed on anyway.

Hope everyone is fine and groovy out there.
I'm hanging in and on, my friends, with no intention of letting go. ~


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