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Nice to be home for a few days.
The last several shows were close enough for me to get back here each night but it was usually late by the time I got in and actually wound down enough to go to bed and we were leaving mid afternoon for the next venue.
In some ways that can end up being more unsettling than being out on the road, in hotels.
There is a routine that is automatically established.
Totally different mindset, more condusive to the task at hand.
Anyway, I now have three days to rest a little and get my shit together for a two week run.
There will be quite a few non-show travel days to cover the distances between gigs.
We will also be flying to Ireland for the Dublin and Belfast shows in that stretch of time.
So that means lots of strategic packing to do.

Kind of grey out there today but no rain so far.
I want to get out and walk.
I'm like a hamster in a wheel when we're on the road.
There's daily motion but it feels like you haven't moved.
I go from the hotel to the car to the dressing room to the stage to the car to the hotel to the car to another hotel.
Every day.
With not a lot of time or the location to do much of anything else.
It's just how it is.
Need it to be a bit more random for a couple of hours.
Even if it's pissing.

Happy to see that Liverpool has finally sold out now.
It was oddly listed as such a couple of times in the past months and then changed because they somehow either found more tickets or there were a handful left at ticket outlets that the venue weren't counting
But the Phil is now officially SOLD OUT!
Every seat.
I knew I could count of the good people of one of my all time favorite cities in the world!
Should be a great night!

Gonna get ready and go out.
Might suck out there, but it has to be done. ~


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