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If you were to fall overboard a ship into the North Sea, the cold water would kill you in a matter of minutes.
This is called hypothermia and, very basically, it means that your body temperature tries to adjust to it's surroundings and fails miserably.
Your little 98.6 degree bag of bones and viscera attempts tp heat up the ocean in an effort to stabilize and exhausts itself immediately, causing your complete and final shutdown.
I think many of us (arm waving in the air, feverishly) tend to do this in our every day lives and relationships.
We overextend ourselves to dangerous levels.
We may get nothing in return for our efforts and wind up resenting the recipient of those efforts.
Or that person recognizes what you've done and becomes indebted to us.
Or, even worse, dependent on us.
You can't heat up the ocean, folks.
You can make it cozy within your own perimeters, for yourself, friends, family and anyone else who comes in close proximity.
You can carry that space around with you and let it provide warmth for others you encounter for a while.
But you can't heat up the ocean.
What do they tell you on airplanes?
To make sure your oxygen mask is securely in place before attempting to help anyone else.
Including yiour own children!
As I recently wrote to a good friend of mine, you ain't worth shit to anybody if you ain't whole.
If you watch or read the news you know just how fucked up the world has gotten.
I stopped pouring over the papers a couple of years ago and I watch TV news with my hands near my face, ready to cover my eyes.
And still I cannot totally escape the horror of the world or the splendor of the Kardashians.
Realistically, the world has probably always been this terrifying, but, thanks to technology and 24 hour news coverage, we get to see and hear all of it, over and over, with nothing by way of a breather but drug or life insurance commercials.
I don't advocate that anyone employ ways to ignore what's going on around this planet of ours.
Or gets so calloused and desensitised to it all that tell themselves that they just don't give a shit.
Because we do give a shit!
And suppressing those feelings is not healthy or honest.
What I might suggest is that you try and make who you are and what you do count for something.
To yourself and the ones around you.
Make your periphery a nice, cozy place to visit or, in your case, live.
it's really all you can do.
You can't heat up the ocean. ~


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