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A little over a week ago I mentioned that I had accidentally left a couple of pairs of glasses in a hotel - a motel, really - in Maryborough, QLD, and was waiting to recv them here in the UK.
So, here's the good news first.
I got both pair back, one regular and one sunglasses, as well as another case I'd left.
The bad news is that it cost me nearly £60 in customs and handling charges to recv the package.
Broken down that would be £46.66 to the HMRC for customs and £8 to Royal Mail as a 'handling fee', which basically means they handed them to me once the charges were paid.
OK, back to the good news.
I was told, practically assured, that if I go to the government website and print out a couple of forms, fill them out, include the packaging the glasses arrived in that contains record of all the charges along the way and proof that I purchased the glasses in the UK and post it all to the HMRC there should be no reason why I wouldn't be fully reimbursed the whole amount I paid.
Of course, there should have been no reason the person at the motor lodge where I'd left my glasses shouldn't have been able to get them to me while I was still in Australia either, but that didn't happen.
So, while I kind of expect I will eventually be reimbursed I still wanna kick myself.
Know why?
Because no matter how much I want to bitch about who did or didn't do the right thing, the fact remains that I forgot the bloody glasses in the first place.

Went I left my flat today it was a bit blustery but not too bad.
No rain anyway.
I went to Boots and got myself my first ever flu jab.
It took about 15 minutes all told and by the time I left the store it was dark, pissing down and blowing a gale.
Like totally different day.
I walked, head down, to Waitrose, bought a couple things, called a cab and came home.
As we got nearer home the sun appeared and had me scrambling for my sunglasses.
Not the ones I just recv'd.
They were still in the package at that point.
It got dark soon after so I didn't get a chance to curse the Ill-timed sunshine for too long.
I'm hoping this jab prevents me from getting the crud this year.
The last couple of winters have laid me out.
Not willing to go thru that again if I can help it.
That and the heady combination of being on the NHS and being old enough for them to take pity on me made my decision easy.

Hope everyone is warm and dry.
Toto, we're not in OZ anymore! ~


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