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Well, I subjected myself to my very first flu shot yesterday.
All I knew about it was the mythology I've heard and read in the last few decades the jab has become popular and, in some cases, a life saver.
I asked if I would experience a day or so of flu like symptoms, but, apparently, they don't put us thru that any more.
They inject a non-toxic substitute serum that causes your body to react to a foreign substance and release whatever antibodies it would if it it actually was the flu.
That's as clinical an explanation you'll get from me.
The pharmacist said there would be no side affects and so far she was correct.
I'd like the direct affect to be that spring comes, the birds are singing, people are dressed in their pastels and light cottons and I realize I didn't get the f8cking crud this past diseasin' season.
Never worried about stuff like that.
My ammune system would take care of it.
Ah, liife.
Another thing to add to the 'It's Not Like That Anymore' list.
Even that list is on 'the list' because it's saved on my iPad and not on paper.
I sometimes think I don't envy the young people coming up in this world that has emerged in the last fifteen years or so.
Then I realize that it's all my years of watching things change as drastically as they have that gives me that sinky feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Today's youth are growing up under different circumstances and they will adapt and adjust to whatever comes next.
Because they don't have the perspective yet.
They are not sitting around thinking "So why are we doing It like that now??? It was fine as it was!'.
One day, when they have something to compare it to, they will join the whinging, confused ranks of those who are not ready to change.
And again.
And, my oh my, if things don't change quickly nowadays.

Time to brave the elements.
Since I started typing the sun has streamed in so brightly that I couldn't see the iPad screen and it's gotten so dark I needed to switch on a light.
During both of scenarios the wind has been blowing like a squall at sea.
Let's see how I fare in today's episode of Beat The Rain. ~


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