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All I'm gonna say right now is that if only a fraction of the stuff that we're trying to make happen comes thru I will be a busy guy starting next year.
Since starting my own production company, Post Cool Media Ltd, there is no aspect of what I do that isn't my responsibility to facilitate or at least amend and approve.
I'll be honest.
A lot of it is frustrating, boring and simply not fun but sitting and scratching your head, after the fact, wondering where you are and how you got there is even more of a drag.
These days, at my age, it's absolutely unacceptable.
Now, if something is working I know why and if it sucks I'm also painfully aware of the reasons.
Hey, I was a hippie kid.
In the beginning I just wanted to sing and was more than willing to leave the behind the scenes shit to someone else to handle.
My laziness - which is exactly what it was, no matter how I managed to philosophize, romanticize or spin it - got me in trouble a few times.
For me, being rich or famous, having a career or running a business, especially when others count on you for their livelihood, didn't enter into it.
Until it did.
There is nothing worse than having someone else tell you to lie down because you've passed away.
It's initially a shock, but the more you think about it the clearer it becomes that you hadn't really been feeling all that well for awhile and was hoping it would just go away.

We should be able to start letting everyone know what 2015 will look like very soon.
The website is about to receive a bit of an update as far as software goes.
It doesn't appear to be fully working on certain devices.
I know that on iPads or iPhones none of the link buttons on the homepage work, leaving new visitors to believe that my website is nothing more than a homepage with my name and photograph on it.
What a shame when the site offers so much more than that.
So if anyone has been experiencing any difficulty navigating the site, help is on the way.
Look for something on the tour page soon.
First up will be word on 'the calm before the storm'.
I'm really looking forward to having something productive and positive to announce.
Of course, any new endeavors will conveniently serve to bring me a cornucopia of new issues to whinge about, but, in and of itself, even that will be refreshing.

It's kind of grey and wet out there today so it seems a good day to do some grocery shopping, I think.
Later, friends. ~


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