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Another gloomy day.
Wet and freezing.
Glad I got some groceries in yesterday.
As much as I love to walk I hate getting pissed on even more.
I hear the weather in the US is pretty terrible.
I haven't heard directly from anyone about it.
Actually, the first mention was posted on the guestbook a day or so ago.
Used to have an MSN homepage before my computer packed up and died, so I saw all the news, every day, like it or not.
From the nightmares on the world front to the local rising precipitation and lowering temperatures, there it was, right in front of my eyes, as soon as I switched on my pc.
I must say I don't miss knowing every detail of what's going on out there.
A nice cup of strong tea and the misery du jour is not my idea of how to start the day.
I may have mentioned that I stopped reading the daily newspapers about a year and a half ago.
I would sit and read all this shit that just made my head and stomach hurt.
Couldn't see having a 20P copy of the abbreviated Independent curdle a £2 cuppa.

Have watched a couple of films recently, one at home and one at the cinema.
Couldn't wait to see Jersey Boys, especially being one myself.
I'm glad I saw it but it really wasn't very good.
There has never been a book written about The Four Seasons, surprisingly.
It's a story that I'm certain was a whole lot darker than the film (or original play) revealed, but it was yet another musical that exploited a catalog of songs and I suppose it's purpose was to be good time-y.
If, in fact, there weren't a few buried bodies in the wake of their success I'd be amazed.
The guy who sang the lead vocals had nowhere near the unique voice that Frankie Valli had.
I say 'was' because I have no idea if he still has that kind if range.
Would be truly mind blowing if, in his 70s, he still could get up there.
The actor hit the notes but had to break his voice to get thru a line where FV would seamlessly and effortlessly slide into his wonderful falsetto.
They played the original recordings under the credits and it made the film versions sound weak.
Went to a theatre to see Interstellar.
It was well done but a bit long and more hype than substance.
There's a another hundred million dollars spent that could have gone somewhere more useful.

So there's my blahblahblah for today.
More blah when I have at least two other blahs to follow it. ~


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