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I know it's been several days since I checked in here.
Simply put, nothing has been going on worth talking about.
Always discussion and planning in the works but until it is, it isn't, y'know?
Been reading, listening to some new music.
The books are all biographies, auto and otherwise.
Elvis Costello's new one is cool.
Very conversational, jumping between psst and present, just like you would if you were talking and something you said reminded you of another incident.
EC has been put on hold for a bit because I found a (rather large) paperback of the second and last volume of Jame Kaplan's epic Sinatra biography.
The first book is titled The Voice and takes you up to Frank's big turnaround.when he went from a near has-been to an Academy Award winning actor.
And that's where you're left.
Book two, The Chairman, starts the day after the Oscar award ceremonies and takes in the rest of the man's life and career.
I can't say enough about these books.
Masterful writing about an endlessly fascinating and deeply flawed subject.
I bought the new Don Henley and Squeeze CDs.last week.
I've yet to open the latter - no reflection on the artists - but I kind of like the DH disc and really admire several of the songs.
Henley has proven himself a great writer so many times, especially with The Eagles.
He continues his craft on his new one.
Still discovering Jason Isbell's catalog, speaking of the art of writing.
I started with his last two CDs and have been working backwards and sideways thru the rest, either solo or with the band he had for awhile, The 400 Unit.
Such a seriously good writer.
He's gonna be one of the artists that set the template and influence the next wave of songwriters.
The new Jeff Lynne album has me listening to some of the older ELO stuff.
Jeff Lynne certainly set out to do another ELO album with Alone In The Universe and succeeded in a big way.
His 2016 tour is selling out quickly.
Lucky to have tickets.
It's been a while since I saw a show that included a flying saucer landing.
Yeah, like NEVER!
I was getting ready to run out to the corner shop last night and it was the first time I grabbed for a coat rather than a jacket.
I think I can safely put this pile of them away dor a few months now.
Actually, I need to go out today, so I'm gonna go do that. ~


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