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Listening to the producer, Tom Wilson and artist, Bob Dylan, go over the arrangement of Like A Rolling Stone with the session musicians.
It's on disc three of the latest boxed set release of unreleased material, The Cutting Edge.
This is Volume 12 in the series.
I find it fascinating to hear alternate takes of the same song, especially as in the case of Rolling Stone where it went from a shaky waltz time to the straight four feel that ended up on the officially released version.
They play, they stop, they go over a certain passage, they try it again.
Eventually, and you know it does, it gets to where it's supposed to be.
It's just cool following it's progression.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family.
It was just an ordinary working day here and, to be honest, the US holiday can slip right by and, in the past, it has.
I think Twitter and it's international information feed has made me more aware of it this year.
Actually, there are a few things I could live without knowing on a daily, sometimes hourly basis that crop up on Twitter.
When I had a real PC my homepage was MSN.
I used to sit with a cup of tea, turn on my screen and there was all the news, staring me in the face.
I'd find myself getting depressed before I was totally awake.
I like this IPad existence much better.
It does everything I need it to do and doesn't bring anymore of the outside world in than I invite.

Enjoy the long weekend.
Beware the f8cking animals who will kill you over a sweater that fits nobody they know.
Don't eat or drink too much.
You'll only hate yourself...and for what?
It hardly seems worth it.
I'm sure you'll agree.
Today or tomorrow. ~


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