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Why was this post-holiday shopping day given such an ominous name?
I looked it up and found a couple of theories.
One is that retail businesses can happily find themselves financially 'in the black' after being 'in the red' all year because of the sales money they rake in.
Makes sense.
The other is that it was named by the Philadelphia police department some years ago because of all the crippling traffic and resulting chaos caused by everyone trying to get into the stores to take advantage of the sales.
Also seems like it could be vaild.
Whatever the real story is it has been superceded by the horror many shoppers experience in, literally, a violent attempt to save a few $$$s (and now, £££s) on things they otherwise wouldn't feel they have the need for.
Verbal abuse, physical harm and worse conspire to make the scarily nicknamed event totally appropriate.
My mother would buy things just because they were on sale.
She couldn't pass up a 'bargain'.
When she died I found lots of clothes, knick knacks, toys, etc, still in wrappers and boxes with the price tags on them.
So much stuff she didn't live long enough to give it all away.
I don't remember any talk of casualties during her shopping trips, however.

Looks like the sun is trying to show itself at the moment.
I should rise to the occasion, I suppose.
Enjoy the weekend, folks. ~


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