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I'm feeling so much better tonight, which is a particularly encouraging sign because anything that sucks during the day reeeeeaaaally sucks at night.
Whether it's a problem or a grudge or an illness, whatever, it always seems so much worse in the wee hours.
Oddly enough, I think it might be one of the biggest reasons I like staying up so late.
When the routine daily stuff is dealt with the nighttime affords you the space to meet a few personal things head on.
You're a bit more vulnerable, but the channels are open for some clear and honest thinking.
Now, that might not necessarily hold true for everybody, however.
The dead of night makes some people react impulsively, maybe even hastily, as if it's always going to be dark and neither the sun nor the next day's consequences will ever arise.

"His finger depressed the SEND key when the sky and his mood were black
But, no sooner the sun pried his eyes open wide, he wished he could take it all back."

Anyway, I am stampeding thru this cold and I expect to make a full recovery, chafed nose, be damned.

The solo shows I'll be doing are simply to get back in the saddle, as it were.
I don't have a clue what I'm going to play.
I might not know until I walk up onto the stage.
As for the 'calm' bit, it's all relative.
What's calm for me could very well be hyperactive for someone else.
As a matter of fact, I'd bet on it.
This wasn't designed to be an extended tour that goes to all areas of the UK.
I decided to do a few pre-tour, pre-band shows and we looked for venues that were fairly intimate and, most importantly, available at the time we need them to be.
There will be one, possibly two more nights listed soon.
Very soon after them I will be in rehearsals with the band.
And, after that, all bets are off.

I'm pleased the website has been updated and everything works like a charm as we enter a new phase and year.
We should have some news on making CDs and cartoon prints available directly from our website very soon.
All these wonderful developments are mostly down to Sam, who works her ass off to make DL.com better and better.
Me, I make suggestions, not even really knowing whether they can technically be done, but I have rarely been disappointed.

OK. Lots more to come, but, for right now, at least the ball has begun to roll.
We can only gain momentum. ~


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