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Whenever DR HOOK played either Belfast or Dublin we'd find that people would travel between the cities to to see the show.
This was always so gratifying and heartwarming, especially as that particular time in history was fraught with anger, violence and trouble. You never would have known it.
The Waterfront was SOLD OUT on Monday and so was The Olympia on Tuesday.
These are not nights of the week usually conducive to people going out, but they showed up in droves.
The audiences were both unbelievable! So up and appreciative of everything we did.
I'm so pleased because I've tried my best to put together a band and a show that would reflect the good times DR HOOK has provided.
The enthusiastic response during the shows and multiple standing ovations at the end lets me know I have.
I get told every night that folks laugh and cry while we're up there, performing. How wonderful that is to hear.
Here's to the magnificent people that have come to support DR HOOK over these many years.
It's terrific to see them still out there, now accompanied by the children they apparently told about the early shows they remember so fondly.
When someone says "I've waited so many years to see DR HOOK again and now I have!" it brings me such joy.
BELFAST! DUBLIN! You've always been there for me, even thru my solo shows.
I can't tell you how much that means to me.
See you all again as soon as possible! ~


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