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Fell asleep on the sofa right after my last post.
Woke up about 1am and went to bed.
Slept until 6:40 and tossed around until my 7:30 alarm went off.
I swear it felt like 5 minutes!
Everyone in the band has busy schedules so this was the only day we had to get together.
We did just do the Danish festival in August so half the songs are fresh on our minds but still lots to accomplish today, including two OZ specific tunes - Girls Can Get It, which was mostly ignored by the rest of the world, but a top ten hit downunder and Wild Colonial Boy, a song that really only makes perfect sense in Australia and will be an emotional, welcomed addition to the show.
Will be cool to see the band.
Our next month or so is gonna be INSANE!
OK, so let's call this the first 'official' Australian tour blog entry.
It's ON! ~


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