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Everything moved too hard and fast to get on here every day and post a blog for each gig.
All I can really say is WOW!
What a wonderful reception we got!
Every night gifted us with another nice venue and brilliant audience full of folks who came to enjoy themselves.
All we had to do was not let them down and I would venture to say we sure didn't.
Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Perth.
All different except for their enthusiasm.
The positive comments on Twitter (@DrHookOfficial) and Facebook (DR HOOK Starring Dennis Locorriere) will tell you more than I ever could.
You can read them on our website's Social Media wall.
The queues have been so long after each show that we simply had to skip all the many posed photos I usually try to take with everyone.
I signed everything they had and a lot of pics were taken OF me, but not WITH me.
It would have taken even longer than the 45 minutes to an hour I spent every night.
The venues have staff to pay and don't want us keeping them there and on the clock any longer than is absolutely necessary.
Perfectly understandable when you consider they are really only contracted to let us do the shows.
The extra time afterwards is a bonus because I like to meet as many as will queue up, but we can't take undue advantage of a good situation.
The 'no individual photos' policy may have to continue but the signings will continue.
I'm sure most people will understand.

We left the hotel at 4am this morning (15/10) for Edinburgh Airport to catch a 6:25 flight back to Gatwick, London.
No one got any sleep after the last show, unless you count the hour and a bit where most of us fainted in our EasyJet seats.
It was a very successful run of shows in Scotland and we will certainly be back there before too long.
A big thanks goes to Jamie Webster (Instinctive Racoon) and Brian Reynolds (Synergy Concerts) for bringing us up to Scotland and taking such good care of us, not to mention everything they did to make sure we had full houses.
We had two completely sold out nights in Glasgow and Perth and two damn near sellouts in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, meaning that only a handful of restricted view seats were left unsold.
Also thanks and a big hug goes to Sam (Instinctive Racoon) for everything she did to make our lives and shows easier.
All in all, it was a great experience and here's hoping we do more together.
We have a few days off now but will hit the road again on Tuesday, a travel day.
Plenty more shows to do and they are all doing very well.
Because of what we are told is 'overwhelming popular demand' more shows are being booked for year at this time in places we couldn't cover this tour.
As a matter of fact, an October 7th date at Portsmouth Guld Hall is already on sale.
How cool is that for being only less than a third of the way thru this one? ~


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