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No matter what the final results of the arts festival are it has been eye opening to see how well my cartoons have been received.
I'm not necessarily talking about financial gain.
I'm talking about the gut response folks seem to have to the drawings and what they convey.
I know art is always subjective.
If it appeals to you then it's valid.
I spent some time talking to folks on Saturday about the cartoons in the exhibit.
People are curious about things like what inspires them and whether it's the face or the caption that comes first (usually it's the face that gives me the words!).
Interesting to actually discuss these things after so many years of doing them for myself and friends.
Because of the brilliance and popularity of Shel's drawings I always chose to downplay my own work in that area for fear that I would hear "Oh, now he thinks he's Shel!".
It was a silly thing to do.
I'd drawn cartoons since long before I knew or even knew of Shel.
Our styles and viewpoints are completely different.

Just as he was about songwriting, I'm sure he would have been supportive, helpful and encouraging had I ever showed any of them to him.
But, I never did.
The festival ends this Thursday and I will go and collect my pieces over the weekend.
I hear that someone from a 'busy gallery on a busy street' may be interested in displaying them.
I have mixed feelings about subjecting myself to public scrutiny in this area.
I've never even considered soliciting anyone else's opinion.
I'll see how it goes and where I land.

We're a few inches closer to knowing what next year will look like as far as touring goes.
I still can't bring myself to make any announcements.
Maybe soon.
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.
Like everything else, it won't last forever. ~


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