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Well, OK, so I was wrong about winter having arrived.
I reckon the weather presenters should just tell us it's gonna suck every day.
That way, if they're right (and they will be a good part of the time), they're reputations are unsullied, and, if they're wrong, who's gonna complain?
I recv more than a few email asking why I don't do a daily blog entry.
And say what?
My days mostly consist of seeding the clouds and praying for rain.
The seeding is a mundane activity and, when/if it brings the desired results, I promise I'll let everyone know.

Reading the autobiography of Burt Bacharach, titled Anyone Who Had A Heart.
The man's songs have been recorded by so many big artists - sometimes it was his songs that initially made them famous, as in the case of Dionne Warwick (and Cilla?) - including The Beatles, making him one of the few people who was involved in every trend in popular music.
His personal life wasn't great but a lot of that was due to his single-mindedness about his career.
Still, it didn't stop him from bedding quite a few beautiful, sought after females.
And he isn't shy about spilling the proverbial beans.
Not much intimate detail, mind you, but the list is a long one and I'm only up to the early 70s. 
His ego is not small but neither are his accomplishments.
Not sure he could share his story without dropping names all over the place.
Anyway, I'm enjoying it.

So, Oscar Pistoffagain is going to jail.
For a while anyway.

That poor judge was on trial as much as he was.
It's probably the only sentence she could have passed without damaging the credibility of the SA legal system.
There's already talk of how few of those five years he might serve, but, I'm gonna take a guess that this guy finds himself in trouble again.
Like OJ Simpson and George Zimmerman in Florida, he seems to be someone who just can't keep his anger in his pants.
Hey! I'll be pushing 70 when the guy gets out and still has his whole life ahead of him.
Just think - I could have killed a few assholes myself and just be getting out now.

I'm sitting here, waiting for the plumber who came last week to finish what he started.
He called about 10am and said he could be here by 11. 
I was ready to go out but figured I should let him do it while he can.
I hope it's relatively quick so I can go out in the momentary sunlight.

As I typed that last sentence it got overcast and dark.
And now...it's back to sunny.
And now...back to grey.
England, I love you.

If anything of interest comes up or something occurs that I think I can wring a few words from, I'll be back. ~


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