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Looks like a pretty awful day out there today.
And there I was, taking back my prediction that winter had arrived.
The plumber finished up what he was doing about 2:30pm on Tuesday and I figured that since the sun was out and had been for a few hours it was a good idea to go for a walk into town.
I got myself together and began to do just that.
Didn't get three blocks from home before it started to rain.
The weather had completely changed, right on top of my head.
By the time I got to town, it (and I) was wet and cold.
I decided I would have a cup of tea, read my book for a few minutes, call a taxi and go home.
Would you be surprised if I told you the sun came streaming thru the clouds shortly after that?
I was already over being social, so I rang the cab company anyway.
It looks so dreadful today that I'm thinking, maybe, if I get ready and go out, that three blocks from my abode the sun will make an appearance.
Does it work that way?
No, of course not.
But, we want to believe it does, don't we?
We reeeeeaaaally do.

If anyone would have asked me any time since the series began if I was watching The Walking Dead they would have recv'd a resounding NO!
Zombie drama (you can throw vampires in there too!) is simply not my thing.
None of it...and there is plennnnnty available.

Dead issue (see what I did there?).
But, the consistently fantastic reviews got me curious enough to watch the first couple episodes as they're showing all four previous seasons On Demand and the new series just started on television.
It's relentlessly gory, I must admit.
Things like that don't turn me off - think Games Of Thrones, of which I'm a big fan - but blood and guts are not a selling point for me either.
I don't know if I will slash my way thru the whole lot, but so far it's a pretty good story, well written and, believe it or not, given the subject matter, I don't see how it could be any less disgusting.
I don't mind when I come across something that wasn't on my radar and find myself enjoying it.
The series 24 was like that.
Back to back installments helped get me thru the sleepless nights during the unsettling immigration woes I had a couple of years ago.
I was awake anyway so that's some of what I used to fill my dragging time and spinning head.
I'm not usually an 'action' kind of guy, but I loved it.
It was like a cartoon.
Maybe I was just desperately searching for a distraction, but, dammit, I found one.
Having said that, I tried to watch the new series of the program that showed earlier this year and it didn't hold my interest at all.
So, thanks to uber hero Jack Bauer for saving my ass a while back and may he go on to rescue troubled folks all over the planet, but I'm out.

Getting closer to a touring plan for next year.
At least for part of it.
Still hesitate to mention anything.
I'm too aware of how things can turn on a dime, as they say.

OK, time to gamble on the English weather.
Later, folks. ~


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