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I have been totally lazy today.
It wasn't my first day off of the tour but one of the only ones where I was at home rather than a hotel room.
I usually tell people that if they notice I'm still asleep after about four, maybe five hours, they should stick a mirror under my nose to see if I'm alive.
Well, the paramedics would definitely have been summoned last night.
There were things to do during the day yesterday, but when I finally went to bed (at 3:45am, mind you) I zonked out until about 11am.
I was going to go for a walk into town but as it's gray and no doubt cold I figured screw it!
So here I am at 4:20 in the afternoon and still in my nightshirt.
Can't always get rest when you need it so to get where you can is important.
Today was that day.
Travel to Wales tomorrow for the gig on Wednesday.
Another night off, of sorts, but once I throw my bags down in a hotel room, the game is ON!
It's one of the reasons I'm not big on traveling for pleasure.
It ends up feeling like the gig has been cancelled.
See you this week if you are attending a show.
And it seems like a good many of you will be there.


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